My Stripped Shoot

I have been telling myself since I started The Stripped Project, that I need to do my own Stripped Shoot and practice what I preach. I truly do believe in natural beauty, real beauty without all of that stuff we think is necessary to be beautiful. My sweet husband was patience enough to work with my awkward self in front of the camera and even captured some genuine and true images. I can honestly say I have no make-up on and there was no retouching done to these images, and its very liberating. I'm so glad that I have finally joined all the wonderful women who were brave enough to go in front of my camera stripped of all facades. These photos are for you. Enjoy.

Brooke's Outtakes

I couldn't help but include some of the outtakes of Brooke and her beautiful daughter Harper. They are best friends and I believe I captured that. I plan on sharing more outtakes soon, so stay tuned.